📂 Integration Sharepoint / OneDrive
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The integration allows you to sync all your Kraaft chat content to a SharePoint folder of your choice!

⚙️ Setting up your SharePoint/OneDrive root user

An administrator user of your team SharePoint must first log in to SharePoint as the root user.

  • It is he who allows the Kraaft x SharePoint integration. The definition of synchronization destinations will then be done conversation by conversation (see video at the bottom of this article)

  • Images and documents copied from Kraaft conversations on SharePoint folders, will be copied on its behalf

  • This root user must have access rights on the SharePoint/OneDrive folders that are synchronized with Kraaft conversations. Otherwise, synchronization will not work.

The configuration of this root user is done via the "Integrations" tab:

🗂 Using SharePoint/OneDrive integration

Once the root user has successfully connected Kraaft and SharePoint, Kraaft administrators can define the destination folders for the content of each Kraaft conversation.

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