🗂 How do I delete a conversation?
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Archive for everyone

⚠️ On Kraaft, to be sure not to lose information, we have created the archive for all which works in the same way as deletion. That is to say that the conversations will no longer be visible to users, but they can still be retrieved in the Archives tab if the manipulation was made by mistake.

NB: In order to be able to archive a conversation, you must be a member!

The steps to archive a conversation

  1. Once a ticket is finished, go to Kraaft.

  2. Select the conversation you want to archive and click on the blue arrows at the top right to access the information.

  3. In the ticket information, click on "Archive conversation"

  4. Two options appear, "Archive for me" or "Archive for everyone", choose "Archive for everyone"

  5. Find your conversation in the Archives tab

Need to unarchive a conversation?

It may happen that you need to reuse a site conversation that is in your Archives. No problem, it's possible!

In order to put it back on your home page, you can either:

  • Send a message in the archived conversation, it will be automatically removed from the archives

  • Go back to the ticket information and click on the unarchive button

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