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All the conversations present in your home can be archived (either only for you or for everyone)

Personal conversation archiving

📱 On mobile:

  1. Swipe left on one of your conversations from the home page

  2. Click the green button with the archive icon

🖥 On the computer:

  1. Click on Info

  2. Go to the bottom of the page

  3. Click Archive Conversation

  4. Select the "Archive for me" option

NB: Archived conversations are only archived for you. Members of the chat you archive will continue to see the chat in their home. And if someone sends a new message on this conversation, it will automatically be put back in your home page and you will receive a notification.

Where can I find my archived conversations?

  1. Click on the filter at the top right

  2. Select the "Archived conversations" option

  3. Click Filter

You will only see archived conversations, you can unarchive them at any time in the same way.

We explain everything in detail here:

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